For our Instow Village People Monthly Beach Clean

Tides – will have been checked but keep an eye on the water level anyway. You can check out tide times yourself at

Equipment – Bags, *Gloves, *Pick up tools, and *Bag Rings will be provided and available. *Limited numbers.

Pick up tool – Always use them to pick up litter.

Gloves – Always wear them to pick up litter.

Glasses – Were sunglasses or glasses. 

Watch your step – on slippery rocks and mud flats.

Containers and drums Don’t touch them. Alert your organiser, they’ll know what to do.

Liquids – Pour liquids at ground level to avoid splashing.

Dead Birds and Sea life – Don’t touch them. Alert your organiser, they’ll now what to do.

Heavy items Get help if you need to lift something.

Warning! Syringes, needles and glass – Call your event organiser over to safely remove any glass, syringes or needles and put in a ‘sharps’ box or rigid container.

First aid kit Your organiser may well have one but to be on the safe side pop some plasters and painkillers in your beach cleaning bag.

Under 18’s – To comply with insurance young volunteers must be accompanied by an adult.

Coastguard – Can be contacted by calling 999.